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Disc Brakes Australia, better known as DBA, was founded over 40 years ago from very humble beginnings. They are known for having a wide range of products, technical expertise and superior quality; this makes DBA a go to for brake parts of any kind! DBA believes there can be no shortcuts or substitutions for quality, and their range of products feature many technical innovations that set the bar in quality and tolerances. They are known for their Street, 4000 and 5000 series rotors and their Street, Xtreme and Race Performance brake pads!


Street Series Rotors

The street series rotors are an upgrade from OEM, without straying too far into the realm of crazy track brakes. They’re ideal for someone who wants a solid brake upgrade, but knows they’re not going to be tracking their car often, if at all. They’re slotted, anti-rusting, can be used bi-directionally, have great thermal efficiency and the unique Kangaroo Paw vane design allows for up to 20% better heat dissipation; increasing effectiveness and prolonging life!


4000 Series Rotors

The 4000 Series rotors are an upgrade for 4x4 vehicles, particularly for on-road use. They have a high carbon content, great heat dissipation, thermal stability profiling and great temperature management. The 4000 series has slots and/or drilled holes, anti-rusting agents, can be used bi-directionally, great thermal efficiency, high carbon content and the patented Kangaroo Paw design.


5000 Series Rotors

The 5000 Series is the track rotor of the DBA lineup, they’re known for their two-piece design, Aluma-lite construction for weight savings, anti-rusting agents, bi-directional use, thermal stability profiling, thermal efficiency, high carbon content, and Kangaroo Paw vane design. This is the rotor that you want to be using for all your track days!


Street Performance Pads

The Street Performance Pads are perfect for all road cars and are a slight upgrade from OEM. They have a consistent high temperature performance, low brake dust emission and are the perfect OEM upgrade, to be used on all road cars, performance cars and they also combine perfectly with DBA rotors.


Xtreme Performance Pads

These pads are ideal for high performance street cars, they have a high initial bite and consistent wear. They provide high performance across the full temperature spectrum, have a carbon fiber formula for low brake dust emissions and are best paired with the T3 rotors from the 4000 or 5000 series.


Race Performance Pads

These pads are designed for track use, they’re enhanced with carbon fiber for high strength and stable friction at high temperatures. These brakes are optimal for high extreme temperatures and will remain consistent at those extreme temperatures. They are not suitable for road use, and are best paired with high performance rotors; specifically the 5000 series T3!

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