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The sway bar, also known as the anti-roll bar or stabilizer bar is one of those components in the suspension that not many people think about. Until something happens to it, that is.

The sway bar is used to reduce body roll over irregular roads or during fast cornering. It does this by connecting opposite (left and right) wheels together. Since the sway bar is essentially a torsion spring, it does have a tendency to wear out over time, and lose some of its ability to resist roll in turns. Worse yet, the sway bar can sometimes be damaged if it is hit with large debris, such as a rock, or is subject to a major impact, such as hitting a large pot hole.

If your sway bar has been damaged, or is excessively worn, replace it today with this brand new sway bar from ECS Tuning, and while you are replacing this sway bar, now would be a great time to inspect and replace any other components in the suspension system that are showing signs of wear or damage.

This kit includes everything you will need to replace both the front and rear sway bars on your Mercedes-Benz. Click the "Kit Contents" tab to see a list of what is included.

(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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