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H&R Sport Suspension Upgrade Kit - With Turner Motorsport Front Adjustable End Links

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The perfect combination of handling and ride height performance!

Product Overview

When you first get your M car the performance is impressive, but like all cars the more you drive it the more you find even small areas for improvement. Ride height can almost always be taken down a bit to give your wheel wells a more flush look ( especially when combined with spacers), it also lowers the center of gravity for your car and slightly stiffens your suspension for improved cornering. Yet another perfect compliment is improving body roll with larger sway bars, this upgrade is something that will be appreciated immediately. By adding stiffer sway bars the wheels have an easier time staying planted to the pavement while driving aggressive, as well as improved control going down imperfect roads. What most people don't think of is how lowering your car affects the geometry of your sway bar to the shocks. When you lower the body of the vehicle the shocks stay in the same place so the sway bar ends up being a bit lower than where it use to depending on how much lower you go. 

We assembled a perfect kit to cover all of these "Essential" needs, combining H&R Sport lowering springs, H&R performance front and rear sway bar, and Turner Motorsport adjustable end link in one convenient place. Two legendary names in one kit for the best possible quality and performance.


Kit contents:

1 - H&R 30mm Front Adjustable Sway bar with Bushings

1 - H&R 25mm Rear Sway bar with Bushings

1 - H&R Sport Lowering Spring Kit (.8" Average lowering)

2 - Turner Motorsport Front Adjustable End Links with Adapters 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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