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H&R is the go to for performance springs, they've completely perfected the formula for lowering springs! They also offer many coilover, spacer and sway bar options to compliment their wide range and variations of lowering springs offered. If you're looking to improve your European vehicles handling and looks then H&R is the perfect fit for you, browse our selection of H&R products today!


Lowering Springs

H&R lowering springs are the best in the business! They provide excellent performance, handling and looks all at a great price!


Sway Bars

H&R sway bars are the perfect solution to any body roll, understeer or oversteer problems. They clean up slop in the suspension in ways that lowering springs or coilovers can't!



H&R coilovers are more hardcore than just a set of lowering springs. They feature full ride height and dampening adjustability to you can set up your car exactly how you want it!

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