Oil Service Kit - With Black anodized aluminum filter housing | ES2857480

ECS Assembled Kit
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Regular oil and filter changes protect your engine from abrasive wear and chemical breakdown. Full-flow oil filters remove particulates like dirt and metallic debris that damage engines. This kit is designed to take the guess work out of this common service and provide you with everything you need. Changing your oil every 5,000 miles with this kit will ensure your vehicle runs smoothly for many more miles.


  • Röwe HighTec Synt RS 5W-40 synthetic Motor Oil - 5 Liters
  • ECS Black Anodized Aluminum Oil filter Housing
  • Mahle Oil Filter
  • ECS Magnetic Drain Plug
  • 1 oil change service sticker

HighTec Synt RS Engine Oil is made from HC synthesis base oils and specially designed additives. The unique composition of selected base oils in combination with a modern additive package ensuring its outstanding performance level. Meets VAG 502.00 / 505.00 specification.


The ECS direct-fit magnetic drain plug attracts and holds small ferrous metal particles that escape your oil filter, and holds on to them to prevent engine damage.

Just wipe away the particles from the magnetic drain plug tip at each oil change to remove abrasive particles that would otherwise scar close-tolerance engine parts and polished surfaces.

(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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