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Performance Ignition Service Kit | ES3219344

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Includes new spark plugs, cap and rotor, and Turner Motorsport High-Performance Wire Set

Product Overview

High-Performance spark plug wires, to help deliver a perfect, uninterrupted spark impulse to each cylinder. Old wires will impair spark, reduce performance, and cause cylinder misfires. We recommend changing your ignition wires every 50k miles.

Keep your engine running smoothly and performing at its best with an ignition service kit from ECS Tuning. This kit includes spark plug wires, 6 spark plugs, a packet of dielectric grease, distributor cap and rotor, and even a BMW spark plug service indicator label.

Kit includes 

  • Ignition cap
  • Ignition rotor
  • 6 spark plugs
  • Turner Motorsport 8mm High-Performance Ignition Wire Set 
  • Spark Plug Service Indicator Label
  • Dielectric Spark grease 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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