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Red Carbon Kevlar Turbo Inlet Pipe Kit

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Add a touch of Red Carbon Kevlar to your engine bay and smooth out the intake tract with our ECS Red Carbon Kevlar Inlet Pipe!

Product Overview

? ? ?In most vehicle applications, the corrugated turbo inlet hose?found in the intake system is not designed for performance or modification. It was?designed to get the job done, and when adding a performance filter, intake, or tune the stock inlet?hose?can start to show it's?weakness when suction from the turbocharger is increased.

The ECS Carbon Kevlar Turbo Inlet Pipe was designed in-house and made with?high quality hand laid carbon Kevlar layers providing?a strong and secure fit. A smooth interior provides unimpeded airflow, while the carbon Kevlar exterior adds an appearance upgrade to any engine bay.?



  • The carbon Kevlar pipe is constructed from?2x2 twill weave red carbon Kevlar, gloss clear coated for UV and heat protection for continuous operating temperatures of up to 300?. Designed to fit perfectly in place of the factory accordion pipe, our CAD design assures a smooth gradual transition from the intake/airbox to the turbo inlet.

  • The included silicone hose couplers allow clean fitment of any intake setup;

    • The smooth, straight coupler is used with a hard?mounted intake pipe configurations to the engine (such as ECS Kohlefaser Luft-Technik mounted to the cylinder head)

    • The accordion rubber coupler is used with OE-type mounting configurations (such as OEM airbox)



  • With its smooth interior surface as compared to the OEM accordion tube's ribbed, turbulent?interior you can expect a smoother transition from air filter to the turbo inlet.



  • Our ECS Red Carbon Kevlar Turbo Inlet Pipe was designed, engineered, tested and quality inspected by our Research and Development team in our Wadsworth, Ohio facility. We ensured the highest level of precision and quality is delivered throughout rigorous long term product testing and leading edge product development methods.



  • Looking for installation tips? Look no further, we put together a full installation tutorial from start to finish including how to remove your OEM parts in detail and how to select each coupler! See our Installation PDF under the INSTALLATION Tab for more information.


** This is for one ECS Red Carbon Kevlar Turbo Inlet Pipe?Kit! Other ECS Red Carbon Kevlar Underhood products are shown for reference and are available for sale separately.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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