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Bilstein first entered the automotive market in the 1920s, they originally made fittings and jacks for cars, however in 1957 they created the first ever monotube gas pressure shock absorber that is now used in almost every car on the road today! Many OEM manufacturers use Bilstein suspension products in their cars from the factory, and they are often offered as an OEM+ replacement as well. Bilstein offers a wide range of shock absorbers that range from OEM replacement, to performance oriented coilover kits! The Bilstein B4, B6, B8 and B12 are some of the best selling models, ,and for good reason!


Bilstein B4

This model is available for practically any model of car that you see on the road, it comes in both mono-tube and twin-tube versions and is great as an OEM replacement. If you don’t want much performance, and prefer a high quality OEM feeling ride then the B4 is best for your needs!


Bilstein B6

The Bilstein B6 is more of an in the middle model, this shock absorber doesn’t sacrifice performance for ride comfort, and gives you the best of both worlds. This delivers optimum grip and stability, along with precise handling while still  maintaining OEM quality. 


Bilstein B8

The B8 kit is where we really start getting into the performance products, the B8 is specially shortened so that it can be paired with lowering springs. Because the shocks are already shortened, this means that they won't wear as fast as if you were on stock shocks and lowering springs. The B8 gives a sporty feel, while still maintaining comfort and they are tuned for precision handling and optimized vehicle control!


Bilstein B12

The B12 kit is one of the best kits offered by Bilstein, that doesn’t bring you into the realm of ultra high performance. The B12 is specifically designed for the utmost performance while still maintaining ease of use and driving, this kit will completely change the way your car drives for the better, without having to sacrifice any comfortability. The B12 kit will lower your car up to 50mm and you won't have to worry about scraping, rubbing or any of the pains that can come with lowering your car!


Bilstein B14

The B14 is Bilsteins flagship coilover kit, they offer full ride height adjustability and the damping is tuned by Bilstein to be perfect for the street and the track! This coilover kit is perfect for anyone who wants great handling and ride height adjustability, along with improved stability.

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