If you’ve opened the hood of a vehicle in the past 20 years, you’ve probably noticed the clean appearance that engine covers provide. Aside from the obvious aesthetics of having these covers installed, they do actually serve a handful of functional uses, as well.

One functional use for an engine cover is to help reduce engine and road noise that can bleed into the cabin. Whether it’s the cover on the top of the manifold, or the plastic engine guard on the bottom, these covers will help lower the volume of the noise coming from outside the cabin and make for a more comfortable ride.

Another use for a cover is to reduce excessive splatter of fluids your engine might be spitting out. Protect your GTI performance parts. The cover will help mitigate these leaks and keep your engine bay clean. A cover can also help protect the engine and other critical components from dust and debris.

EuroSport Tuning offers a variety of covers for your Volkswagen GTI to your BMW 3-series. Whether you’re looking for a carbon fiber engine cover, an OEM cover for a restorations, or an aluminum skid plate kit to protect your undercarriage, EuroSport Tuning offers the Volkswagen performance parts that you desire.

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