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Sway Bar

The sway bar is a part of your suspension that helps reduce body roll when cornering, improve handling and give you a more pleasant driving experience overall. The front sway bar connects the two front wheels and helps to prevent body lean. The sway bar will apply force to both sides of the suspension when turning that helps to prevent the leaning. A faulty sway bar can cause a really uncomfortable ride, and can even be dangerous if there?s too much roll. Keep your car safe and riding comfortably with regular maintenance of your suspension system and an upgraded sway bar.

If your sway bar is cracked, bent or just worn out, it?s time for an upgrade. Maintaining your suspension system assures you of comfortable ride and keeps you and everyone else safe on the road. EuroSportTuning.com carries individual front and rear sway bars, sway bar kits and full suspension anti-roll replacement kits. We carry all the suspension parts you want as well as all of the BMW performance parts you?ll ever need. EuroSport Tuning offers wholesale pricing and fast shipping, so you?ll always get the best deal on the parts you?re looking for.

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