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Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) was founded in 1916 as an engine, motorcycle and automotive manufacturer in Germany. BMW owners trust the engineering that goes under the hood, and the cars are popular with fans of high performance autos. With its long history in the motorsports arenas, it is no wonder that BMW owners want and need to push the performance of their factory autos. EuroSport Tuning carries BMW performance parts and accessories to increase performance and handling like a sway bar kit or exhaust kit.


Exhaust – Grab more power by changing out the exhaust system from a factory to pipes that are larger with better sound. From 3 Series to an M5, we carry exhaust system parts that deliver more muscle to your BMW.


Suspension – Anytime you increase the performance of your

BMW, you need to update or upgrade the suspension in it or your newly found power will be hard to handle. Parts like camber kits, shocks, springs and struts all make the ride manageable and comfortable. We have many other parts to smooth out the ride.


Wheels – While you may only think of wheels as a cosmetic part of the vehicle, they do play a part in the performance. By adding spacers, you change the stance of your car, and that gives you better handling. We can also help you with the cosmetics from our large selection of alloy wheels.


BMW owners like the performance and the power that these cars offer, and they look for parts and accessories that will enhance their cars like exhaust and suspension parts. When you buy from, you get exceptional customer service from a knowledgeable staff.

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