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KONI has been a big name in the aftermarket car scene for a long time, historically they have made some of the best aftermarket shocks and coilover kits! You can't go wrong with any products that KONI makes, they're all excellent and each product is designed for specific uses, whether you want comfort, or performance; KONI has you covered!


STR.T Shocks

KONI's STR.T shocks are specifically designed for performance! They provide perfect grip and handling, and are specifically tuned for each car they are available for!


SPORT Shocks

SPORT shocks are designed for drivers who crave a sporty driving experience! They are adjustable and can be adjusted from the top of the shock, so you can fine tune you suspension to exactly how you want it!


Coilover Kits

The Radical Tuning in the KONI coilover kits is perfect for the ultimate enthusiast! The coilover kits are characterized by their aggressive road holding, they also have variable adjustability so they can be tuned to however you want it!

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