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RaceChip was born out of a need for more performance, and the brand and product quickly caught on! RaceChip was and still is a pioneer in chip tuning, and they constantly have new products in development! RaceChip is all about the ultimate driving pleasure, so you can't go wrong equipping a RaceChip to your vehicle!


S Chip

The RaceChip S Chip is the perfect option for anyone wanting to extract just a little bit of performance from their car! It provides 20% more horsepower and torque on average, 5 fine tuning maps and up to 15% better MPG!


RS Chip

The RS chip is for anyone who wants to get a moderate amount of horsepower out of their car! It incrases horsepower and torque by 25%, provides 6 fine tuning maps and up to 20% better MPG. There is also the option to control the chip from an app!


GTS Chip

The GTS Chip is RaceChips highest performing chip tune! Enjoy 30% more horsepower and torque, as well as 20% better MPG. You also get 7 fine tuning maps and if you upgrade to the GTS black a warm-up timer is also included!

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