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Stoptech is one of the biggest names in the aftermarket, and for good reason. They make excellent braking products, at a great price. Stoptech boasts a very wide range of products as well, with over 650 applications available and include forged or billet calipers, performance brake pads, performance rotors and DOT stainless steel brake lines! If you're looking for the ultimate brake upgrade, then Stoptech is perfect for you! 


Big Brake Kits

Stoptech big brake kits are the best braking performance upgrade you can buy. Giving your car the supercar feel, performance and look!


Brake Pads

Stoptech also makes a very good range of brake pads, that fit in OEM calipers or Stoptech big brake kit calipers! From OEM replacement to rack ready pads, Stoptech has you covered!



Stoptech also makes some very good rotors, with many different applications! From OEM replacement to sporty slotted rotors, whatever your needs are, Stoptech can fill them! 


Brake Lines

Stoptech's stainless steel brake lines are perfect for anyone really wanting to extract the utmost braking performance. They provide a quicker, firmer and more consistent pedal response and feel, while maining constant brake pressure!

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