337/20th/GLI front Brake Rotor/Carrier Kit - Cross Drilled & Slotted Rotors (312x25) | Performance parts and accessories for Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Mini, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Volvo

337/20th/GLI front Brake Rotor/Carrier Kit - Cross Drilled & Slotted Rotors (312x25)

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Upgrade to larger rotors for increased brake torque. Reuse your stock calipers, pads, and mounting hardware! Featuring GEOMET? protective coating.

Product Overview

Performance upgrades have your car running great, but will it stop?

ECS Tuning has assembled a big brake upgrade kit. The kit lets you move up from the stock 288mm rotor to a larger diameter 312mm rotor. Larger swept area and added mechanical leverage combine to improve braking performance.

The kit includes TT brake caliper carriers and a pair of 312mm ECS Geomet Coated rotors, treated with a special rust inhibiting process to keep your rotors looking new, longer. 

The rotor faces are slotted and cross-drilled. Crossed-drilling dissipates heat faster for better braking and reduced fade. Slotting cleans the pads by moving water, gases, and contaminants away from the pad/rotor contact surface to further enhance braking performance.

To prevent rust pitting and corrosion damage, ECS GEOMET® rotors are sprayed with a special water-based solution, then heated to cure the coating and remove all oil residue remaining from the manufacturing process. These added steps create a durable, lasting rotor surface that resists road salt, solvents, and other corrosives.

GEOMET® is a proprietary water-based coating that contains metal oxides, metallic zinc, and aluminum flakes. More environmentally friendly than other treatments containing toxic metals, GEOMET® coating contains no nickel, cadmium, barium, or mercury.

Because of the added size of these brakes, 16” or larger wheels are required. When making the conversion use the instruction link and template on this page to ensure proper wheel clearance.



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