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Automatic Transmission Filter And Gasket Kit | ES2777503

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Includes Mann transmission filter, Hebmuller oil pan gasket, CRP oil drain plug gasket, and filter mounting hardware

Product Overview

The automatic transmission in your Mercedes-Benz is a precision engineered assembly, capable of years of service, so long as it is properly maintained.

One of the ways the transmission needs to be maintained is with regular fluid and filter changes.

Located inside of the transmission oil pan, this transmission filter is made to trap any debris that may occur in the transmission during regular operation to prevent it from damaging precision machined surfaces within the transmission.

The specialists at ECS Tuning have assembled this kit specifically for your Mercedes-Benz. It includes a new transmission filter, transmission pan gasket, transmission oil drain plug gasket, and the screws necessary to mount your transmission filter. If you are installing this kit, don't forget to shop our full selection of transmission fluids to fill your system after completing this repair.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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