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Billet Aluminum Oil Filter Housing With Removal Tool - Black Anodized

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Aluminum replacement for plastic OE filter housing with 36mm socket

Product Overview

Replace your stock fragile plastic oil filter housing with a durable 6061-T6 billet aluminum with a anodized black finish housing from ECS Tuning. Far stronger than the original, the ECS filter housing requires no special tool to open the drain plug during an oil change; all you need is a common 8 mm Allen wrench. For added convenience, the housing plug sealing ring is identical to the one on the crankcase drain plug, making it easy to source and install new seals for a leak-free job.

  • This kit includes the 36 mm socket needed to unscrew the housing from the engine

  • Remove the old filter, and install a new one.

  • Replace the rubber housing oil ring with the new o-ring contained in the filter kit.

  • Screw the housing/filter on to the engine, and torque to 18 foot pounds. Reinstall the drain plug with new copper ring, and tighten 22 foot pounds.

  • Add engine oil.

That's it. No more cracked housings. No more oil spills on your garage floor. No need for a special drain plug tool. No more plastic drain plugs mangled by adjustable pliers.

Talk about a no-brainer.

*Fits both 2.0t FSI & 2.5 5cyl engines


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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