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7 of the Coolest Debadged Cars

Posted by Eurosport Tuning on 2021 Sep 27th

7 of the Coolest Debadged Cars

After sharing our post on debadging tips and tricks recently, we’ve had a lot of interest from customers on what the finished product will look like. So we searched to find some examples of debadging done right, and here are the best of the pack.

Audi Without the Rings

Some think debadged Audis look a little strange, we think they look very unique. This super clean Audi should give you a good idea of what yours will look like without the emblems, it also appears to be lowered slightly — a look you can achieve with our lowering kits for Audis.

Clean Jetta

Taking the badges off this VW Jetta has given it a much sportier look. It has also given it the appearance of smoother lines and a sleeker appearance overall.


Roundeless BMW

It’s not unusual to see a BMW without the model emblem, but rarely do you find one without the famous BMW roundels. This car looks extremely slick and clean without the roundel or the model emblems displayed on the back. Don’t forget to keep to apply a coat of wax to take full advantage of the clean look when you’ve debadged your BMW!

Badgeless Volvo C30

This car will make any Volvo owner want to debadge their car ASAP! Removing the emblems really gave this C30 a totally made over look. The badgeless C30 grille in our online store is actually a super popular part — makes the job really simple too!

Sleek Volvo S60

All black cars seem to look extra cool without the badges, and this is no exception! With smoked taillights and no badges, this S60 looks extremely sporty.

Lowered and Debadged MK6

Debadging has taken the appearance of this ride to a new level! The emblemless lowered Volkswagen is undeniably drool worthy!

Passat with Badgeless Grille

This modification looks great! It really transforms the appearance of the car without having to debadge it by hand. You can find a selection of VW grilles in our online catalog.

These are a few of the coolest debadged cars around. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration in these examples.

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