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IE Tune vs Custom Tune

Posted by Eurosport Tuning on 2022 Jul 15th

IE Tune vs Custom Tune

So you want to tune your car, and you’re having trouble deciding between an Integrated Engineering tune and a custom E-Tune or Dyno tune? Well I’m gonna break down why we think that a tune from Integrated Engineering will be a little bit more beneficial than a custom tune.

Let me start by saying this, just because a tune is custom made for your car doesn’t mean it’s the best option. An out of the box tune will have way more hours of testing put into it, and are created with multiple conditions in mind (think temperature change from summer to winter). Luckily we do have a nice chart from IE that really breaks it down, take a look.

File Revisions & Updates

The most important part of an IE tune is that the updates and revisions are always free, whereas a custom re-tune will cost you some money. IE releases updates on a regular basis for many platforms when improvements can be made, or new features of a tune have been innovated. There are also hidden costs with custom tunes, you will more than likely have to pay more for every option you want like a burble/crackle tune; or being tuned for multiple octanes. So dispensing on how versatile you want your car to be, you might end up paying more than what was advertised.

Tuning Limitations

Handheld tuning devices provide a limited access to calibrate the ECU, with these devices a tuner will only have access to a few different variables (by a few we mean less than 100 or so). On the opposite side of the spectrum, IE tuners have access to the entire ECU (tens of thousands of variables); this will result in a much more specific tune and the power to freely modify all safety and correction factors properly. Doing this creates an engine map that operates perfectly in all conditions, without any workarounds!

Matching Hardware

Many competitors don’t offer hardware, whereas IE does offer hardware that should be paired with its ECU and TCU tunes. When you match hardware with software you’re guaranteed to see the best results; so when running an IE tune it is best practice to run their hardware, as unforeseen issues may arise when running other manufacturers hardware.

Debunked Myths

Different Climates Require Custom Adjustments - Well…. No not really, if you buy a new car off a dealership lot do you have to tell them the altitude and climate of where you live? Nope. When performance tunes are properly calibrated you won’t have to worry about different climates; tuning the stock ECU allows for full functionality of altitude and temperature compensation. This ensures that your car will get the proper amount of fuel, boost and ignition timing in any climate.

Map Switching Not Possible - This is another myth, with an IE Powerlink you can switch maps whenever you want; whether it be to different octanes, for a burble tune, or just flashing your ECU back to stock. Let me give an example, the gas stations in your area only have up to 91 octane fuel, but you travel for a track day and they have 104 octane for sale! With an IE Powerlink, you can quickly flash to a 104 octane tune to get the best performance out of that fuel and have a killer track day! Then once you’re done you just flash it back to the 91 octane tune you were running earlier; it’s as simple as that.

Out of the Box Tunes Lack Features - In the past this might’ve been true; however the times they are a changin’. IE Powerlink can switch files, stages and datalog for diagnosis; as well as read codes in case any of those come up! More features are always in development as well, so keep yourself up to date!

All Performance Cars Need to be Custom Tuned - In most cases this is actually the opposite. Tunes by reputable brands such as IE have thousands of hours of R&d poured into them; not to mention thousands of cars running the same software. With a fully custom tune it’s unlikely that a lot of time was poured into making the tune, not to mention the possibility of slow turn around times when it comes to data logging for e-tunes.

So What’s Right for You?

Well after all that’s been said, we firmly believe and stand behind an IE tune and believe they’re much better than a custom tune. So with that being said, what are you waiting for? Click here to purchase an IE Powerlink ECU Tuner

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