Three Cars That Do It All – From Your Daily Commute To Track & Shows

Posted by Frank Derks on 2023 Feb 19th

Three Cars That Do It All – From Your Daily Commute To Track & Shows

When cars became mainstream, they were only supposed to be an alternative to horse-drawn carriages, or the daily commute, in other words, but soon other ways of benefiting from them were discovered. It is human nature to find something pleasing in what they do, and hence, the activity of driving a car was not excused. Since then, we've come a long way, with everything from car shows showcasing futuristic and eye-catching concepts to motor races and special-purpose utility vehicles.

Today, many people see cars not only as a mode of transportation but also as a thrill machine and an ornate object. Not many cars are built to fulfil the criteria of a do-it-all, but some are. Be it grocery runs on weekdays, tire-burning track hustles on Saturdays, or road trips on Sundays, they are built to serve the purpose. Moreover, if that’s not fulfilling your needs, they can be excellent project cars that you can easily modify to meet your specific performance needs.

1.  Audi B8 / B8.5 S4 / S5 / RS5

Audi is famous for its quattro all-wheel drive system that makes them inherently better, and the S4 and S5 come out of the box with it. Combined with a supercharger bolted to its V6, it is perfectly powerful. The choice between a manual gearbox and a DSG is another option drivers will appreciate. On top of all of this, four doors and a spacious cabin, as well as the trunk, make sure that it can haul stuff and passengers comfortably.

If that is not enough for your specific needs, worry not, because it is one of the most easily modifiable cars on the market. Just an ECU upgrade from  034 Motorsport or IE Integrated Engineering can unlock more potential. That should be enough for a substantial gain in power and speed. If you need more from your B8/B8.5 S4/S5, you will have to modify its exhaust. AWE Tuning and Milltek Sport are there to make this possible. They make sure that not only your car gains power but also makes some wicked noise to alter others.

After such upgrades, your car should be able to handle this speed, and this is where suspension upgrades come in handy. A solid pair of coilovers, from either  Solowerks CoiloverH&R Springs, or Bilstein Coilover, won't break the bank. That should be enough to put all that power to work. For stopping power, the  ECS Tuning Stage 2 brake kit should be able to perform the required duty. After all, braking is just as necessary as going fast.

Your stock Audi exterior will give it an understated look, so to make it visually loud, an ECS Tuning carbon diffuserECS Tuning carbon fiber front spoiler lip, and ECS Tuning carbon trunk lid spoiler should do the job.

Audi B8 / B8.5 S4 / S5 / RS5

2.  BMW F80 M3 / F82 M4

A sweet chassis and a pure rear-wheel drive system make it a hoot to drive, but that’s not all. A sporty exterior and a cabin that can host its passengers in luxury are another plus. All of this, combined with an exceptionally great turbocharged inline-six engine that provides more than enough power, makes it a sports sedan that can keep up with its rivals.

To unleash more potential, all you need are some hardware upgrades, and it will give many of the latest sports sedans a run for their money. Starting with the exhaust modification, a set of pipes provided by AWE Tuning or Milltek Sport makes the exhaust flow freely and sound much livelier. With these parts in place, the BMW F80 M3/M4 easily surpasses the Audi S4/S5 mentioned above.

The only reason we didn't rank it higher than the S4 is because the S55 found idn the M3/M4 requires more upkeep than an S4. Now let’s get to the parts where that power gain will be transferred to the ground. A good upgrade for the suspension from either  KW Coilovers or Bilstein ensures that the ride is smooth and the wheels have maximum traction. Accompanied by a stylish set of wheels from  VossenSuperspeed, or Rotiform, your F80 M3/M4 will turn some heads. If you feel like your BMW needs some stopping power, Stoptech or Powerstop can be trusted with a brake upgrade.

Naturally, you will desire an exterior upgrade, and rightfully so. With a Tuner Motorsports carbon fiber spoiler, wing, or diffuser, you will surely get compliments.

BMW F80 M3 / F82 M4

3.  VW MK7 / MK7.5 Golf R

Who does not love a hot hatch? The Volkswagen Golf R finishes 3rd and no doubt it has the guts to do-it-all. Its 2.0-liter, 4-pot surprises with its unexpected for its size power.

It may not have nearly the same potential for raw, unrestrained power as the other two, but it does provide a little more convenience in the form of increased storage space and a modest reduction in long-term maintenance expenses. Since the MK7 R is a Haldex AWD, it has the traction you need when you need it and the efficiency of FWD when it's not. With all that, it checks all the boxes proudly.

Not content with the power of its small engine? Not a problem. An ECU upgrade from  034 Motorsport or IE Integrated Engineering is the first step. You will be surprised how much that small engine is capable of. Complimented by an  AWE Tuning or Milltek Sport free-flow exhaust, your sleeper Golf R will be transformed into a completely different animal. To improve its handling and traction, a  Bilstein coilover kit combined with  034 Motosport sway bars provides the necessary suspension upgrade. Adding a brake upgrade, Performance Service Kits or  ECS Tuning Big Brake Kit is highly recommended since stock brakes are not designed to handled increased power.

Getting things visual, we recommend  Carbon Hatch SpoilerCarbon Front Spoiler LipCarbon Fiber Side Skirts to make it louder for the eyes unless you want the default sleeper looks. Once everything is in place, your Golf R will never be the same.

VW MK7 / MK7.5 Golf R

Final Words

It is important to know that these are not the only cars that can pull off the do-it-all feat, but only the one we found to be perfectly capable of. All the upgrades suggested apply to your car also if it is not even listed here. 

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