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What AWE Exhaust is Best for You?

Posted by Eurosport Tuning on 2022 Oct 19th

What AWE Exhaust is Best for You?

Who is AWE?:

AWE was established in 1991 with one goal, to unlock performance. From handcrafted performance exhausts to carbon fiber intakes; AWE is a pioneer of innovation, design and manufacturing for the performance automotive market. AWE is known for their Track, Touring and Switchpath exhaust options, these are the backbone of their company and the product that really reinforced them as being one of, if not the best performance exhaust manufacturer. So let’s get down to it, what AWE exhaust is the best for your needs?

Touring Edition Exhaust:

The Touring Edition exhaust is one of AWE’s best selling exhaust products, it provides a great tone and will make your car noticeably louder than stock. It’s a great upgrade for anyone looking to add some sound to their car, without having to be worried about being pulled over, or exhaust drone; it’s the perfect exhaust if you’re looking to add a little bit of spice to a daily driver!

Take a look at this sound clip, so you can get an idea of the level of noise and tone that a Touring Exhaust will give you! If you like what you hear, then check out the Touring Edition for the MK7 GTI here!

Track Edition Exhaust:

The Track Edition exhaust is another one of AWE’s best selling exhausts, this exhaust is louder than the touring edition as it comes with a resonator delete right out of the box. This will give a louder sound, and a throatier tone from the exhaust; you’ll also get some occasional pops when you downshift or rev! The Track Edition exhaust is perfect if you want a big increase in sound and tone from your car, this exhaust setup will have you turning some heads!

Here’s a sound clip of the Track exhaust! If this fits the description of what you want on your GTI then click here! 

Switchpath Edition Exhaust:

The Switchpath Edition isn’t your average valved exhaust, it’s a smart valved exhaust. The exhaust comes with the resonator delete just like the track edition, however the valves allow for the muffler to be bypassed; turning it into a straight pipe from the cat back. There are two modes to the Switchpath Edition, Normal Mode and Straight Pipe Mode. When the exhaust is in normal mode, the valves are closed and send exhaust gas through the muffler up until ¾ throttle; when ¾ throttle is reached the valves open up and the exhaust gasses bypass the mufflers and the exhaust path becomes a straight pipe! When the exhaust is in Straight Pipe Mode, the valves are open from the get go, giving you that sweet straight pipe sound! However there is something to note about the Switchpath Edition, it is not made for all cars like the Touring and Track edition, so for example: The MK7 GTI has Touring and Track options, however it doesn’t have a Switchpath option.

Here’s a clip of the Switchpath Edition from a V10 Audi R8 instead! If you've got an R8 and like what you hear, then check our the Switchpath Edition here!

Conversion Kits:

AWE also sells conversion kits for the exhausts, specifically for the Touring and Track editions. You can buy kits that will add a resonator for a Track to Touring conversion, and kits that will delete a resonator for the Touring to Track conversion!

So now that you’ve been given the rundown on the different kinds of exhausts that AWE offers, maybe it’s time to pull the trigger on one! You can check out our selection of AWE Touring, Track and Switchpath exhausts here!

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