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Build-Your-Own ECS M62TU Vanos Seal Upgraded Rebuild Kit

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Build-Your-Own ECS M62TU Vanos Seal Upgraded Rebuild Kit
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Product Overview

The Vanos system found in the M62TU was ground breaking technology for its day, allowing for infinitely variable intake cam timing to maximize low and midrange torque.? The system relies on hydraulic oil pressure to control cam timing, but over time the internal seals harden and wear, resulting in reduced hydraulic pressure and a gradual loss of cam timing control.? Because this usually happens gradually over the years and miles, the loss in engine response and torque output may go unnoticed.? It?s not until you refresh your Vanos units that the stark improvement in performance becomes so apparent.? There are a number of symptoms that will plague your car as a result of these failing seals such as cold start rattle, erratic idle, engine hesitation, stalling, reduced midrange torque, and increased fuel consumption.

The only option that BMW leaves you with is buying new and expensive Vanos units with the same failure prone seals that were in your original units.? We have developed an alternative option, allowing you to rebuild your Vanos units with our proprietary seal kit following our expert DIY guide for professional results the first time.? Restore lost performance and eliminate the notorious Vanos rattle for good with our rebuild kit!

Our Vanos seals were engineered in-house and precision machined to exacting tolerances to restore the original performance of the Vanos units.

  • Bronze impregnated Teflon seal for durable dynamic sealing.
  • 70A Viton backing o-ring for extended chemical resistance, removing the OE failure point.

If you haven't purchased the VANOS tool to properly rebuild your unit be sure to get one before you check out, the press tool is required for proper rebuild.

Failure symptoms:

  • Loss or torque and power (more noticeable at low RPM)
  • Engine hesitation at idle and acceleration
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Hard starts and stalling in cold weather
  • OEM seal failure occurs around 20,000 miles

Rebuild instructions available

Also available ? press tool -?ES3241167


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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