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Coil Pack Harness Replacement Kit | ES3111671

ECS Tuning
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It is not uncommon for the ignition coil pack wiring and connectors to become brittle over time and start to crack and break apart, leaving you with exposed wires or connectors that won't secure to the coil packs. This can lead to misfires, difficulty starting, a rough idle, lack of acceleration, decreased fuel mileage, and other causes for concern.  

ECS Tuning has recognized this issue and we put our industry leading R&D team to work to create an easy to install Ignition Wiring Replacement Harness with full installation instructions. No need to repair individual wires or buy an expensive engine wiring harness. Our replacement wiring harness requires you to cut your factory engine harness and re-pin the wiring into the provided male connector, then simply plug in the ECS replacement harness, connect your coils, and be on your way. No need to worry about how long you have until the OEM wiring finally decides to give out, with ECS Tuning's Ignition Wiring Replacement Harness Kit you can make a clean and solid repair in no time!

Check out our in-depth instructional PDF, located under the Installation Tab on the product page, featuring complete step by step guidance with detailed photos to repair your vehicle properly. We've also included the Schwaben Wire Stripper Pliers to make sure you have the correct tools to get the job done right. 

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