Complete Performance Adjustable Suspension Upgrade Kit | ES4365351

ECS Assembled Kit
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Product Overview

Looking for upgraded control arms with a wide range of adjustability? Issues with bump steer or sway bar preload in your lowered car? Look no further! This comprehensive kit contains all of the parts used and recommended by Turner Motorsport and ECS Tuning to correct, upgrade, and fine tune your suspension exactly how you want it!

From roll-center correction to widened range of adjustment over factory eccentric bolts, the parts in this kit have got you covered. Make the most of your BMW by replacing the slop of rubber bushings with spherical bearings and eliminating the?limited adjustability of the factory suspension geometry.

This kit contains:

  • Front:
    • Lower Control Arms - Roll center, camber, track width, and headlight leveling adjustability
    • Tension Arms - Caster adjustment
    • Tie Rod Ends - Bump steer, roll center, and tie rod binding correction
    • Sway Bar End Links - Adjustable height to eliminate preload
  • Rear:
    • Lower Traction Rods - Adjustable length and elimination of deflection
    • Toe Links - Increased range of adjustment and low suspension deflection
    • Upper Control Arms - Upgraded durability over weak OEM linkages
    • Sway Bar End Links - Adjustable height to eliminate preload

    For more detailed information on individual parts please view the kit contents section at the bottom of the page.


    (No reviews yet) Write a Review

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