CTS Coilpack Adapter Set For 2.7T Engines for FSI/TSI R8 Coilpacks

CTS Turbo
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CTS Coilpack Adapter Set For 2.7T Engines for FSI/TSI R8 Coilpacks
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Product Overview

This complete set of billet aluminum adapters bolt down to the factory 30V 2.7T valve cover allowing you to run the longer coilpacks found on VW/Audi 2.0T FSI, TSI. Upgrading the coilpacks will allow you to run a larger spark plug gap while maintaining a strong spark output. Replacing your outdated coilpacks with the newer technology has shown increased reliability, smoother idle, increased off boost power, and in some cases improved fuel economy.


  • Allows you to upgrade to newer VW/Audi coilpacks (adapter harness required)
  • Direct fit for all 2.7T 30V engines


  • Audi - S4 1996-2001 (B5 - B5.5) 2.7T engines*
  • Audi - RS4 1996-2001 (B5 - B5.5)?2.7T engines*
  • Audi - A6 1998-2004 (C5)?2.7T engines*
  • Audi - A6 Allroad 1998-2004 (C5)?2.7T engines*

NOTE: These adapters are designed for TSI (R8 red coilpacks) and will require IE adapter harness to work. It will allow to remove factory ICM and convert ignition system to accept new style coilpack. Part number IEDIYVD2.

(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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