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Dinan Performance Engine Software Kit for BMW M5 E60 M6 E63 M6 E64 (DIY)

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Dinan Performance Engine Software Kit for BMW M5 E60 M6 E63 M6 E64 (DIY)
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Product Overview

Since the flash tune programs inception in 1996 the one requirement was that the tune needed to be installed at a Dinan authorized dealer. This forced those in the international market or those in rural areas away from our core markets to either send in their DME for a bench flash or to simply live without Dinan tuning. No one should miss out on the chance to experience a Dinan tuned BMW so for those not near an authorized Dinan dealer a solution to tune your BMW is finally available?in an easy to use DIY package. Complete with the various interface cabling?that is needed for the vehicle, the kit enables the end user to be able to flash?their own vehicle in the comfort of their own garage. The kit will also?allow the user to flash the vehicle between stock and Dinan at a moments notice whenever the need may arise.?

Note:?When ordering please ensure you have your VIN ready for the checkout process. It is crucial that it is typed in accurately and completely at that time.

While we offer the DIY kits in the stage 1 form, the additional stages will need to be purchased and installed at an authorized dealer as they require hard parts to function properly.?

Software Description:

Dinan Engine Software raises the factory rev-limiter by 150 rpm (8400 rpm maximum), endowing the V-10 with a broader power band and greater road speed potential in each gear. The software also removes the top speed governor, enabling the cars to attain their ''natural'' top speed; and the V-10s WILL pull right to red-line in top gear! The software also speeds up throttle response, providing a sportier feel and improved modulation capabilities.

The combination of Dinan's re-calibration of ignition timing and air/fuel ratios, along with a simple modification to the stock air filter elements, produces a maximum gain of 5 hp @ 8100 rpm and 5 lb-ft torque @ just 3000 rpm. Dinan's software also provides re-calibration of the factory ''torque limiting'' programming, ensuring that maximum power is available under varying driving conditions.


+ Raises Rev-limit to 8400RPM
+ Greater Road Speed In Each Gear
+ Removes Top Speed Governor
+ Improved Throttle Mapping
+?Improved Ignition Timing, Fuel Delivery, and Cam Timing
+ 5 HP & 5 LB-FT of Torque



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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