Elevate your Audi, VW, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, or MINI's braking performance with EBC, available through EuroSport Tuning, your trusted Canadian distributor. EBC is a renowned brand known for its high-quality brake components and innovative braking solutions. Whether you're seeking improved stopping power, reduced brake fade, or enhanced control, EBC's extensive range of brake pads, rotors, and kits cater to performance enthusiasts and daily drivers alike. Explore EBC's cutting-edge braking technology at EuroSport Tuning and experience safer, more responsive braking that enhances your driving experience. Trust in EBC to bring your vehicle's braking capabilities to the next level.

Brake Pads

Ultimax 2: Ideal for daily commuting and everyday street driving.
Greenstuff: Suited for spirited driving and occasional track use.
Redstuff: Tailored for high-performance street and occasional track use.
Yellowstuff: Designed for aggressive street driving, track days, and autocross.
Bluestuff: Specifically engineered for motorsport and racing applications.


Premium Brake Rotors: Ideal for standard daily driving and routine commuting.
USR Slotted Brake Rotors:
Suited for spirited driving and enhanced performance.
GD Sport Brake Rotors:
Tailored for high-performance street driving and occasional track use.
BSD Slotted Brake Rotors:
Designed for aggressive street driving and track days.

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