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ECS Heavy Duty Rubber Strut Mount Bushings - Pair

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Upgrade to a better strut mount without sacrificing comfort! Improve longevity and ride control all at once.

Product Overview

     The ECS Heavy Duty Front Strut Mount offers significant performance to your vehicle's handling and long term durability as compared to stock strut mounts. With the increased durometer over the OEM 60A strut mounts, the ECS 80A durometer rubber strut mounts will better resist deflection and premature wear that commonly plagues the OE strut mounts, without sacrificing ride comfort. This is a must have if you are installing sport springs, coilovers or whenever performing front suspension service. 

OEM strut mounts are known to wear within an extremely short lifespan, typically associated with annoying clunks and front end rattles as the vehicle goes over bumps and uneven terrain. The ECS Heavy Duty Strut Mounts are made to last, with increased durometer and precision to OE tolerances.

Designed in house by our ECS Engineers and subjected through rigorous real world, on the car testing, we are pleased to offer a high quality, performance, heavy duty strut mount for your VW or Audi. 

**Sold as a pair, includes only the strut mount bushings.**


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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