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Product Overview

ECS Tuning has the set the bar once again. After years of Research & Development and stringent product testing by our in house engineers, we are proud to release the best engineered Engine Mounts on the market!

Designed and manufactured in the USA using the finest quality materials, we designed our ECS Performance Mounts to better control fore/aft engine movement and allow for seamless power transfer to the tires. Wheel hop is lessened, throttle response is improved and gear engagement is more precise.

At the center of our Performance Drivetrain Mount Kit is our ECS Performance Pendulum Mount. Featuring a Teflon-Lined Spherical Bearing, this bearing replaces the factory-designed rubber bushing that is prone to failure, even at stock power levels. All weather seals capture the spherical bearing to keep the elements out and the bearing operating maintenance-free. By replacing the bushing at the extension body we are able to eliminate front bushing deflection and premature failure altogether. 

To harness maximum engine control, we've paired our ECS Pendulum Mount with our 70A Durometer ECS Performance Engine and Transmission Mounts. Factory engine and transmission mounts were designed to facilitate comfort with little focus on performance. When combined with commonly worn bushings, this makes replacing, while upgrading your mounts an absolute must when making more power! Two vertically captured 70A Durometer Polyurethane Bushings, encapsulated between three 6061-T6 Billet Machined Aluminum bodies help to keep the driveline locked in place.

Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) are minimized over our competitors due to years of product testing and development. Designed to absorb NVH while withstanding extreme driveline forces, we've engineered our bushings using an optimal formula and durometer polyurethane, tuning the natural frequency and preload to the forcing frequency of the engine. 

This allows for smooth power delivery through the driveline and to the tires, all with very minimal chassis feedback to balance comfort with performance.  

All machined components are constructed of strong and lightweight 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum and are then anodized black for a great appearance and corrosion resistance. 

Genuine Volkswagen Torque to Yield Fasteners are included for proper installation for each mount. Simply follow our helpful Installation PDF for installation notes and torque specifications. 


**Please note that when combined with our ECS Performance Transmission Mount, we've found there is a greater level of NVH transmitted to the interior. This combination is best suited for Race or High Performance Street Vehicles.**

**Please note: Do not expose polyurethane bushings to engine coolant. Ethylene Glycol is known to degrade this material. If exposed promptly wipe away ALL traces of engine coolant.** 

(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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