ECS Wheel Spacer & Bolt Kit - 10mm With Black Ball Seat Bolts | ES2855469 | Performance parts and accessories for Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Mini, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Volvo

ECS Wheel Spacer & Bolt Kit - 10mm With Black Ball Seat Bolts | ES2855469

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Includes everything you need to install spacers on two wheels

Product Overview

Take the guess work out of trying to match up spacers with the correct length wheel bolts with this kit from ECS Tuning. Achieve the look you want with spacers manufactured from high strength steel matched with the perfect length ball seat wheel bolts to ensure your wheels are secured properly.


Kit Includes:

  • 10mm Wheel Spacers - Two
  • 14x1.5x40mm Black Ball Seat Wheel Bolts - Ten


Whether you need to clear suspension components or just want the wheel flush with the fender, ECS Tuning has what you're looking for.


*For customers with wheel lock bolts currently installed on their vehicles, remember to pick up the correct wheel bolt covers to replace your locking bolt caps. Multiple options can be found under the 'Wheels>Bolts, Studs, & Nuts>Caps' section for your vehicle.


*Please note that these wheel spacers and wheel bolts are measured and designed to fit the genuine VW/Audi wheels. Always test fit spacers and bolts to make sure they fully seat before completing the install. Wheel bolts should have 7.5 full threaded turns into the wheels hub. Watch our video for more information.


Please Note: Wheel Spacers that measure three millimeters to eight millimeters might not allow for proper wheel fitment, as they do not sustain enough space for the lip of the wheel to attach to the wheel hub.   If you proceed to run these spacers, you might perceive wheel vibrations, especially on the front of your vehicle, as vibrations are more prominent in that area. Please, before ordering, measure to ensure that you have enough hub remaining after the spacer is in place. ECS recommends at least five millimeters for appropriate wheel hub to wheel mounting. We recognize that on some vehicles this might not be possible, so we recommend running our spacers with a hub centric ring to guarantee proper wheel fitment.   Adhering to these steps will ensure a vibration free ride in your vehicle.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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