Front Brake Kit - Stage 1 - Slotted Rotors (312x25)

ECS Assembled Kit
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Front Brake Kit - Stage 1 - Slotted Rotors (312x25)
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Product Overview

ECS Tuning has assembled this kit to upgrade your brakes using OEM parts. The components of this kit move your factory brake caliper away from the center of the wheel and allows you to run a larger brake rotor. This kit allows you to bolt on a 312mm rotor to replace your existing 288mm rotors without major modifications and moves the brake pads outward from the center of the hub to offer a dramatic upgrade in stopping power.

One of the most convenient aspects of this kit is the ability to easily source parts when it comes time to do brake service. Using factory spec parts allows you to easily obtain new pads and rotors for worn out units. A cost effective way to add performance braking power to your daily driver or track car.

The kit includes:

  • Front Brake Carriers - Left & Right
  • Slotted Geomet Coated Rotor Set - 312x25

*This kit does not include a brake pad set so you can decide which pads best suit your needs.

**Must have a minimum of 16" Wheel to clear these rotors

(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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