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Front Differential Input Seal Kit

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The seal and both dust covers needed to re-seal your vehicles input shaft on the front differential.

Product Overview

Are you replacing?your front driveshaft? Maybe you're?simply preparing to do a fluid flush. Either way now is the perfect time to replace that input shaft seal.?

After years of being in the elements, the rubber in these seals begins to degrade over time, leading to shrinking and cracking. Leaking?fluid is an obvious side effect, but what could be even worse is the damage that is done by allowing particles to enter the differential. Since the seal is no longer tight, small particulate?and dirt particles are free to find their way inside by sneaking by the input shaft of even worse, scoring and damaging the metal of the shaft in the process.?

This is a simple replacement that prevents future headaches and eye-watering replacement bills. For reference, a replacement front differential costs upwards of 2000.00USD. Get in front of this PM before it comes back to haunt you in the future!

Kit Includes:

1 Differential input seal: 31521428678
1 Large dust cover plate:?31511428659
1 Small dust cover plate:?31520019369
1 Safety plate


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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