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Heavy Duty Rear Trailing Arm Bushings With Limiters

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Featuring Meyle HD bushings and ECS RTAB limiters for exceptional performance and longevity

Product Overview

Factory rear trailing arm bushings allow for two undesirable scenarios: premature failure and unexpected changes in toe. Limiting side-to-side deflection of the rear trailing arm, limiters surround the rear trailing arm bushing, maximizing bushing life while eliminating undesired rear toe changes. This alignment retention allows for more predictable handling in corners and over bumps, without a loss of ride quality. Manufactured of wear resistant, noise resistant delrin, ECS RTAB limiters offer a solution to an inferior factory design.

Meyle HD bushings offer an OE-style performance upgrade without adding any unwanted harshness to your ride. Coupled with ECS RTAB limiters they make an almost perfect upgrade for a daily car or one that sees time on the track.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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