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M177 ECU Upgrade

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WTEM177 ECU Upgrade
WTEM177 ECU Upgrade
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Key Features:

  • Eliminated Top Speed Limiter

  • Improved Throttle Response

  • Optimized Fuel, Spark, and Boost

  • +68 Wheel Horse Power +80 Wheel Torque Peak Gains with Air Filters

  • +97 Wheel Horse Power +114 Wheel Torque Peak Gains with Air Filters and Downpipes ?

Product Overview

The M177 engine is a potent powerplant. ?Through rigorous testing, on both the street and dyno, the Weistec M177 ECU Upgrade reliably extracts massive gains in the mid range of the powerband as well as substantial gains in the top end making it a top performer in all driving situations

Stock vs Westec ECU and Filters


Weistec M177 ECU Power?

What does all this mean to you?? More power, sharper throttle response, and a complete focus on the driver makes this the perfect addition to your AMG for a much more enjoyable experience for you.?

*Power gains vary based on model and modifications.

Watch a Customers First Test Drive Reaction

ECU Calibration Process: How do I get my ECU Calibrated?


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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