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M3/1M Front and rear Control Arm Upgrade Kit

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Featuring TRW M3 control arms plus ECS Performance Rear Trailing arms

Product Overview

Wanting more out of your BMW without having horrid ride quality? This is not only an extremely common handling upgrade, but one of the best upgrades you can do. These control arms are much sturdier than your factory units and feature much stiffer bushings and ball joints. Not only does this kit give you an extremely effective upgrade, it's the perfect excuse to get rid of your factory arms that are at the edge of being road worthy.

Not sure about ECS Tuning's Upgraded Trailing arm? Let us explain...

Factory steel rear trailing arms flex, causing undesired suspension geometry changes under load. BMW engineered a failure point into this stock arm - metal fatigue combined with shock forces from a pothole or curb, have been shown in some cases to cause the arm to buckle, turning a pleasant drive into a visit by roadside assistance.

ECS Tuning's Performance Rear Trailing Arm Set is an upgrade that has been engineered to address these issues, while also being lighter and more attractive than the factory steel component. Elimination of a factory-designed failure point and an all-around stiffer design mean greater peace of mind as well as more confident handling with no unintended geometry changes. Combined with new M3/1M front and rear control arms for the ideal suspension set-up for your car.

Kit Features:

  • TRW M3/1M Front Control Arms
  • TRW M3/1M Rear Control Arms
  • ECS Upgraded Rear Trailing Arm 
  • BMW Headlight Leveling Sensor Rod
  • BMW Rear ABS Bracket
  • TRW Rear Guide Rods

Trailing Arm  features:

  • Constructed from solid 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Increased strength versus the factory steel arm - this arm fears no pot holes
  • 25% lighter (384 grams versus 517 grams each)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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