Mototec Touring Cat-Back - 9-5 Turbo/Aero 2.0T & 2.3T | MTESA953

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Mototec Touring Cat-Back - 9-5 Turbo/Aero 2.0T & 2.3T | MTESA953
Mototec Touring Cat-Back - 9-5 Turbo/Aero 2.0T & 2.3T | MTESA953
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Resonated / Touring

Product Overview

Mototec Touring Edition Exhaust Systems are Designed to Exceed Your Expectations!

Mototec exhaust systems are designed and manufactured with the performance enthusiast in mind. Sound is a critical design concern with any exhaust system. Mototec Touring exhaust are manufactured in Europe to mean strict European sound regulations meaning they offers a pleasant deep sound under hard acceleration and a nice mellow, almost unnoticeable tone at cruising speeds. The Mototec Touring exhaust are quieter then your average performance exhaust to prevent drone when driving on the highway.

Standard exhausts use a baffle design where a series of plates slow the exhaust gases, but ultimately this leads to an increase in back pressure. Mototec silencers have no baffles. Instead, noise is reduced by absorption through a center perforated tube. Consequently, there is less gas flow restriction and so back pressure is reduced, torque is increased and engine performance is enhanced. Back pressure can be reduced by up to 80% making them ideal for combining with an ECU upgrade, air intake system and other upgrades.

Both the tubing and resonators are constructed using mandrel bent T409 stainless steel. It is essential that gas flow from the engine is unrestricted and flows smoothly along the whole length of the exhaust system. This ensures that the gas exits as quickly as possible, ensuring back pressure reduction and enhanced engine performance.

Each exhaust kit is made to fit a specific application. In-house jigs ensure exact replication of the prototype and each kit is supplied with fitting hardware (clamps, gaskets and rubber mounts when needed). Exhaust tips are made from T304 polished stainless steel which offers a perfect finishing touch. Mototec guarantees the quality of each stainless steel system with its 2 warranty program.

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