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N14 N18 Carbon Blast Kit

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Includes blaster, media, remote starter switch, scrapers and gaskets

Product Overview

Just add an air compressor?and this?kit includes everything need to clean your N14/ N18 valves of carbon build up. One of the most common issues that?causes?performance?loss in the N14/N18 is carbon build up, the carbon deposits build up in the intake tract right above the valve constricting airflow into the cylinder.


  • "Blast Out Of A Bucket" Abrasive Gun Kit - Perfect for the occasional media blaster not needing a big, expensive unit.
  • Walnut Shell Blasting Media? - 15lbs, plenty to complete your carbon removal.
  • Schwaben Remote Starter Switch - Helpful in rotating the engine to bring each piston to top dead center.
  • Schwaben 9 Piece Scraper, Hook, & Pick Set - Removes large carbon buildup before blasting to make media more effective.
  • Intake Manifold & Throttle Body Gaskets - Reseal your intake tract once carbon removal is complete.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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