N54 Turbocharger wastegate Kit - Front And Rear

ECS Assembled Kit
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N54 Turbocharger wastegate Kit - Front And Rear
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Product Overview

The N54 turbos are notorious for failed wastegate actuators and wastegate actuator rattle. This kit includes front and rear waste gates, and all hardware and gaskets needed to reinstall the turbos.

Ensure proper sealing when installing the turbos on your N54.

Kit includes:

  • 16 ASA M7x39 studs
  • 16 Flange nuts
  • All required gaskets and orings
  • Water pump install hardware
  • Replacement vacuum hose
  • Tbolt clamps

Helpful hints:

For complete installation instructions, refer to Haynes Service Manual (ES2500921).

Both downpipes must be removed to remove either front or rear turbo. Tie rod end may need to be separated from knuckle for clearance. Steering rack may also need to be rotated away from subframe for access. Valve cover heat shield will need to loosened and pushed upward to get clearance for turbo manifold removal.

If studs back out of cylinder head and nuts are seized to studs, replace studs. Thread studs in to head by hand to prevent cross threading. When installing the new studs in the cylinder head, use a high temperature loctite in the cylinder head side, and copper antiseize on the nut side.

To make more room for access to the front turbo, remove the rubber line running in front of the subframe that attaches to the back of the map thermostat and remove the clip. Cut off the OEM clamp and replace it with a new hose clamp as well.

Complete removal of the water pump is not required. Detach the water pump from the side of the block and push it out of the way to make more room for access to the front turbo. If water pump is unbolted from the block, the aluminum bolts must be replaced.

Torque specs:
Bracket to cylinder head: 9Nm
Coolant supply line to crankcase: 9Nm
Coolant return line to crankcase: 8Nm
Coolant return line to turbo: 8Nm
Coolant supply line to supply line: 8Nm
Exhaust manifold heat shield: 8Nm
Oil supply line to crankcase: 20Nm
Oil pressure line to turbo: 8Nm
Oil return line to crankcase: 8Nm
Oil return line to turbo: 8Nm
Turbo manifold to head: 20Nm

(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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