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Performance Baffled Oil Catch Can System

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Keep your intake tract clean and carbon free

Product Overview

Introducing ECS Tuning's newest release, the Performance Baffled Oil Catch Can System, engineered in-house and manufactured in the USA. Our system was designed with the consumer in mind to provide effortless installation with no necessary modifications to be a perfect fit for your 2.0T. With no required modification, this performance system is also fully reversible and even fits beneath the factory engine cover!  

Today's direct fuel injection systems have taken engine performance to a whole new level, but there is a drawback. Without fuel vapor to help clean the intake valves, the oil particles that are drawn into the intake from the PCV system will deposit themselves onto the valves and intake ports. Over time this will result in increased levels of carbon buildup, reducing fuel octane and resulting in lost power and poor drivability.

Key benefits of the ECS Baffled Oil Catch Can System:

  • Highly Efficient Oil Separator (Catch Can):
    • Strategically positioned 4 chamber baffle system maximizes oil / air separation 
    • Engineered to create multiple changes in the direction of airflow within the separator to cause oil droplets to fall out of suspension before exiting the catch can
    • Knurled and black anodized integrated oil dipstick makes inspecting oil volume of reservoir clean and simple
    • Fully serviceable for routine cleaning and maintenance; Includes 2.5mm allen key to remove baffle plates for cleaning
    • -10AN ORB (O-Ring Boss) fittings for leak-free fitting connections
    • 6061-T6 billet machined body, anodized black for lasting protection and appearance
    • Easy to drain reservoir, simply un-threads from the oil separator for quick draining or cleaning 
  • Eliminates the Front PCV Port:
    • Eliminates the possibility of pressurizing the crankcase under boost, in the event of a potential PCV failure
    • With the inlet at the turbo inlet pipe, there is far less chance of oil collection on the intake valves due to an otherwise system ingesting oil directly to the intake manifold port
    • No heavy vacuum (under idle) will be seen by the PCV, causing it to stay open and minimizing the risk of failure in the diaphragm
  • The OEM fine oil (cyclonic) separator is retained. Due to the retention of this component, the catch can will not have to be emptied as often, as its focus will be on capturing the ultra-fine oil vapor
  • Engine cover fitment is maintained on both the OEM and ECS Carbon Fiber with no modifications needed 
  • Completely reversible installation, as no OEM components are permanently modified. This is ideal for those who choose to remove their catch can during the cold winter months

Most catch cans replace of the factory PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) system, however the ECS Tuning Performance Baffled Oil Catch Can System utilizes key components of the OEM PCV system to expand on it's efficiency by retaining ultra-fine oil vapor that has already passed through the factory fine oil separator. This also provides the benefit of not having to empty the oil can catch as often as other systems on the market, since the oil vapor will be filtered through two components before reaching the intake tract. Although the OEM PCV system performs well and meets emissions standards, installing ECS Tuning's Performance Baffled Oil Catch Can System will increase efficiency of the PCV system and keep the ultra-fine oil vapor contained in the blow-by gases from entering your intake system and causing excessive power loss and carbon buildup.

Each system includes the following:

  • 4 Chamber Baffled Oil Catch Can with integrated dipstick and service tool
  • CNC bent, black anodized, aluminum catch can bracket
  • -10AN black nylon braided hose with pre-assembled -10AN black anodized swivel fittings
  • -10AN black anodized line separators 
  • Billet machined 6061-T6 aluminum components, anodized black:
    • -10AN extension 
    • PCV end cap fittings with OEM securing clips
    • -10AN rear PCV port adapter 

Engineered and manufactured in the USA, you can expect the best performance and longevity with our superior Baffled Oil Catch Can System from ECS Tuning!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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