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Plastic Water Pipe Kit - Stage 3

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An Upgrade Over Stage 2 That Includes Thermostat and Coolant.

Product Overview

German vehicles feature a number of coolant system pipes that are made out of a hard, ABS plastic. This tends to not be an issue until your vehicle has some miles. At that point, it is only a waiting game until one of these plastic pieces fail and cause a coolant leak. Keep your coolant in your cooling system with a kit from ECS Tuning.

The plastic begins to weaken, warp, and crack due to years of exposure to hot coolant and the temperature fluctuations experienced underneath the hood. When one of these components begins to fail, the others will quickly follow.

This kit addresses all of the common plastic components in the thermostat system. It restores your coolant system with new components to keep your engine cooling properly contained. A great way to prevent a breakdown or serious engine damage from overheating.

This thermostat housing and crack pipe replacement kit comes with everything you need to fix the annoying cooling leaks under your intake manifold. This kit includes

  • OES Thermostat cover
  • Thermostat cover O-ring
  • Thermostat housing
  • Thermostat housing gaskets
  • Water Pipe AKA "Crack Pipe"
  • Crack Pipe Gasket
  • 80c thermostat
  • 1 gallon of G13 coolant


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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