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Projector Fog Light Kit | ES2730702

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For customers looking to add fog lamps to their Passat - includes bulbs

Product Overview

Fog lights are the lights mounted on the front of a car or truck which help visibility in foggy or misty conditions.

Projector fog lights are an accessory you can get for your vehicle that will not only enhance its appearance but provide extra light in less than optimal conditions.

Projector fog lights are almost the same as ordinary fog lights, but projector lights utilize a different type of lens. This lens results in an extra-long throw with a distance similar to a vehicle's low beam lights. Due to the fact that they emit more light for the driver, they are a great safety addition to your car. They are especially useful during thick fog and heavy rain or snow. On top of that, they look great and can give your car a more European appearance.

This kit was designed and tested by the experts at ECS Tuning. Over the years, ECS has been striving to create quality aftermarket parts for affordable prices. These parts have been manufactured to the highest standards and were tested in our factory, to ensure their performance and fitment. Don’t spend more money than you have to on your performance parts, get quality aftermarket replacement parts for a price that you can afford.

Kit comes with the following:

  • Genuine fog lamps

  • Genuine fog light grilles

  • All the correct bulbs

  • Genuine securing hardware for fogs

  • ECS fog wiring harness w/relay

  • All related misc hardware


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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