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Rear Suspension Refresh Kit | ES2649823

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Includes heavy duty ECS reinforcement components for improved life and performance

All the necessary high quality aftermarket parts to completely rebuild your rear suspension in one simple package

Product Overview

ECS Tuning refresh kits will not only rejuvenate the suspension in your vehicle, but improve it to better than new with select upgraded components.


Symptoms of a worn suspension include a loose feel in the rear end under hard acceleration, clunking over bumps, vibration at speed or excessive tramlining. This kit will not only help address these issues but is designed to have superior performance compared to stock, and extend suspension life.

If your vehicle is receiving a subframe mount reinforcement installation, this is the ideal bushing kit to complement the work.

Level 2 includes:

  • 2 rear shock mounts

  • 2 Heavy Duty ECS rear shock mount reinforcement plates

  • 2 rear upper control arm bushings

  • 2 camber arm bushings

  • 4 trailing arm ball joints

  • 3 differential bushing

  • 4 rear subframe bushings

  • 2 trailing arm bushings

  • 2 rear shock mount gaskets

  • 4 ECS RTAB limiters

Adding reinforcement plates to the rear shock mounts prevents the mount from tearing.

See Kit Contents below for exact details.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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