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Supercharger Inlet Kit - Carbon Fiber

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Replace the accordion throttle body hose with a smooth carbon fiber tube

Product Overview

A small touch of carbon fiber can go a long way.

In most vehicles applications, the rubber throttle body hose found in the intake system is not designed for performance or modifications. It was designed to get the job done, but when you add a performance filter, intake, or tune the stock hoses can start to show their weakness. The stock rubber hoses can disrupt air flow as it passes over accordion sections, causing unwanted turbulence and negating the effects of intake modifications. 

The ECS Tuning Carbon Fiber Supercharger Inlet Kit is engineered to fit like OEM with simple hand tools. Constructed of high quality materials, we ensured you receive nothing but the best. The intake tube is made from hand-laid laminated carbon fiber layers with a final layer of fiberglass applied to the interior wall, resulting in an aesthetically beautiful addition to your engine bay with the insulation properties for repeatable power delivery. 

Mated with two 4-ply silicone couplers with stainless steel hose clamps, this kit is the perfect addition for those looking to improve their stock intake system without removing the factory airbox. Add a touch of carbon fiber to your engine bay and smooth out the intake tract with ECS Tuning's Carbon Fiber Supercharger Inlet Kit. 

*The factory fuel line is routed on top of the supercharger inlet pipe.  For a cleaner under-hood look, and to alleviate the concern of added stress on the fuel line, we've created a fuel line relocation kit - Please see ES3102572 (2013+ facelife), and ES3102573 (up to 2012 pre-facelift)*


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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