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Transfer Case Service Kit | ES2528676

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Includes all the necessary components for a transfer case drain and fill

Product Overview

Often overlooked, your transfer case is a vital component in the all wheel drive system of your vehicle. If left unserviced, the fluid will begin to break down, leaving sludge and deposits to build up throughout the transfer case. As the fluid breaks down, lubrication properties are lost, allowing excess wear to take a toll on the internal components of the transfer case. Stay ahead of the game with a service kit from ECS Tuning.

Kit includes:

  • Replacement drain and fill plugs
  • 1 quart Redline D4 ATF

Capacity: 1.1 pint

Service tips:

First, remove your fill plug, followed by the drain plug. Once the fluid has drained completely, install the new drain plug and torque to specification. Using a fluid transfer pump, fill the transfer case until the fluid begins to run freely from the fill hole. Then install the new fill plug and torque to specification. That's it! No filter to change or gaskets to mess with!

Drain plug requires 15 lb/ft torque when tightening, The fill plug requires 24 lb/ft torque.

ECS Tuning recommends servicing your transfer case every 60,000 miles.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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