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Turner Motorsport Ultimate Power Pulley And Drive Belt Overhaul System Valeo Alternator pulley

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The idea of power pulleys is simple. The less effort the engine puts into running accessories such as the water pump, power steering, pump alternator etc., the more of that power can be used elsewhere - your wheels! The way this is done by reducing the rotation of the pulleys by as much as 10-20%!?The end result is more horsepower at your disposal.?Turner has done extensive testing (on and off the track), to ensure that the accessory systems still function as intended and without failure. These pulleys offer an excellent compromise of power gains, reliability and performance.?

All Turner pulleys are constructed of high quality T-6061 aluminum for?durability and longevity. They are also finished in a black hard anodizing, which is highly resistant to wear including chemical and heat exposure. ?They have been designed to carry stock-like aesthetics, but with increased strength properties and lighter weight. Because of the durable aluminum construction, you can also put the worries of a serious plastic failure to rest. These pulleys will last, all the while increasing horsepower too!

While you're installing your Power Pulley Kit, it makes sense to overhaul your Accessory Belt System as well, so this kit includes our Accessory Belt Kit as well.


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