Turner Stainless Steel Brake Lines - Front & Rear Kit | ES4265709 | Performance parts and accessories for Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Mini, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Volvo

Turner Stainless Steel Brake Lines - Front & Rear Kit | ES4265709

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Front & Rear
Made in USA! New low profile hardware for clean mounting look! New superior corrosion resistant coating!

Product Overview

Even when new, factory rubber brake hoses expand under pressure, requiring increased fluid volume and more pedal travel for the desired stopping force. What is often thought to be brake fade or fluid boiling, can actually be the brake lines expanding under pressure. This expansion is even more prominent in aged and weathered rubber hoses. Turner Motorsport Stainless Steel brake lines are engineered and assembled with braided stainless steel mesh and offer superior expansion resistance and reinforcement. The resistance to expansion creates a firmer pedal, and a more direct pedal feel. The signature blue polymer coating provides additional protection from the elements and abrasion, which is common with the constant movement of suspension and braking systems.

When you buy brake lines, you want them to last for years to come. Conventional SS lines will corrode the first time they are exposed to water, regardless of how much you spend. Turner has developed a proprietary zincnickel coating finish with nearly twice the saltspray corrosion resistance of a standard plating. Turner SS brake line also feature new low profile connecting hardware, for a cleaner mounted look. Get the brake lines that will continue to look as good as they feel!

All Turner brake lines are engineered to comply with DOT (U.S. Department of Transportation) FMVSS 106 standards. All lines are manufactured on dedicated, DOTcompliant brake equipment and each is tested to 3000 psi before being shipped.

ECS stocks a huge inventory of premium brake components, including complete brake refresh kits, pads, rotors, shoes, drums, hoses, hard lines, fluids, hardware, hitemp lubricants. Everything you need to perform a professional quality brake service, you can find at ECS Tuning!

Technical features:

  • Fully compliant with DOT Standards (MVSS1006)

  • Lines bursttested to 3000psi
    (maximum tested pressure from a BMW braking system is 1200psi)

  • ZincNickel coating for maximum corrosion resistance

  • Low profile connectors for clean and recessed look


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