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Twin Mass Flywheel - With Hardware

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For vehicles with 6-speed manual transmission, includes 8 flywheel bolts and Schwaben T60 Torx socket for removal

Product Overview

Most service professionals consider the dual (twin) mass flywheel to be a wear item, and recommend replacing it as part of each clutch job. Resurfacing of dual mass flywheels, common with conventional flywheels, is impractical and not recommended by many OEM's, including BMW and Porsche. In fact, reusing an old dual mass flywheel with a new clutch friction disk often results in unwanted noise, vibration, and harshness, due to torsion spring wear.

ECS recommends installing a new dual mass flywheel when replacing the clutch friction disk.

How it works: Dual (or twin) mass flywheels are made of two separate flywheel disks separated by a friction ring, and coupled through torsion dampers: springs and planetary gear sets. Transmitting drive from the engine to the transmission through vibration dampers isolates crankshaft torsion spikes, reducing transmission gear rattle, gear selection effort, and synchronizer wear. Failed dual mass isolation springs and gears cause noise and vibration.

Includes new pilot bearing as well as 8 OEM flywheel bolts and Schwaben's hard-to-find T60 torx socket for removal and installation of flywheel bolts.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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