Ultimate Timing Chain Kit | ES3971144

ECS Assembled Kit
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Ultimate Timing Chain Kit | ES3971144
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Product Overview

Audi considers the timing chains on the 2.0T to be a lifetime item, that doesn't need to be replaced. However, enthusiasts tend to know a little better.

With no service interval to go by, you have to rely on common symptoms for diagnosis. Symptoms include chain slap, due to worn tensioners and guides, causing a ?marbles in a can? sound. Failed chain guides can cause the chains to jump, and potentially snap. Since the 2.0Tt is an interference motor, a snapped or jumped chain means that valves can contact the pistons and cause catastrophic engine failure.

Kit includes:

  • Timing Chains - Two
  • Guide Rails - Six
  • Tensioners - Two
  • Crankshaft Seal
  • Guide Rail / Tensioner Securing Hardware
  • Timing Case Securing Hardware

* This kit is designed for the TSI engine only. This can easily be found on the engine cover of your 2.0T VW/Audi. It will clearly be stamped TSI or TFSI.

(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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