W212 Inner Tie Rod Kit - Featuring Hamburg Tech Inner Tie Rods

ECS Assembled Kit
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Product Overview

The inner tie rods are the link between the steering rack and the outer tie rod ends on your Mercedes-Benz. They utilize a ball socket on their inner side (at the steering rack) to allow for the necessary travel they will encounter during normal driving, however, just like any component in your steering or suspension system that utilizes a ball socket, the inner tie rods can wear out, requiring replacement.

Symptoms of failing inner tie rods usually present themselves as an overall loose feeling in the steering system, or your vehicle wandering on the road while driving.

If your inner tie rods are starting to exhibit signs of wear, they must be replaced to keep your vehicle traveling safely down the road.

If you are replacing your inner tie rods, now would be the perfect time to inspect and replace any other steering or suspension components that are starting to show signs of wear. ECS Tuning carries a full line of steering and suspension components for your Mercedes-Benz to help you keep it driving as well as it did when it was new.

Kit Includes:

  • Inner Tie Rods (Left and Right)
  • Boots (Qty 2)
  • Clamps (Qty 4)
  • Nuts (Qty 2)

(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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