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Ball Seat Stud Conversion/Flush Kit | ES2841006

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Flush Kit
Bring your OEM wheels flush and perform a stud conversion at the same time

Product Overview

This specially-designed kit will take your wheels out to line up with your fenders while also converting to the traditional "studded hub" design.  Kit includes:

  • 70mm Wheel Studs (20)
  • 17mm Ball Seat Lug Nuts (20)
  • 15mm ECS Front Spacers
  • 20mm ECS Rear Spacers

This gives you permanent wheel hangers and saves you time!  Simply screw in the supplied studs and you are in business.

 Why use wheel studs instead of wheel bolts?

  • Because, race car.
  • Wheel studs are required by many racing bodies because they are a safer way to ensure proper wheel-to-hub contact.
  •  Wheel studs allow the use of different length spacers. Lug studs require custom length per spacer application.
  •  Installing wheels using wheel studs is much easier than using wheel bolts, as the studs will locate the wheel while the nuts secure the wheel.
  •  Wheel studs stay in the hub. The constant installation and removal of wheel bolts can cause accelerated wear on the bolt holes in the hubs.

*Note: Thread-locking compound is recommended during installation.  Studs should be torqued to 15Nm.  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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